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We do energy analysis, and we do it really well.

Energy industry professionals (traders, project developers, utilities, private equity firms, information managers, policy professionals and non-profits) use our analysis to help them make the most informed decisions they can.

Why do energy professionals choose Energy GPS for data analysis and advice?

Our analytical and strategic services are second to none. We combine real-world experience (as former energy traders ourselves) and serious data-analysis acumen to answer questions, solve problems and provide insights that few others can match. Our custom, tailored analysis is directly responsive to the specific needs of each client.

Our services

EnergyGPS offers two types of client engagement. For limited duration projects, such as asset valuations or hedging strategies, our consulting team provides hands-on, customized attention to whatever your challenge entails. For ongoing analysis and coverage of the power and natural gas markets, our product team delivers hundreds of daily notifications, analyses and updates in real time, either via our web site or email.

• Newsletter | CAISO is Short Flex Capacity
2017-01-20 - The CAISO released some very interesting study results related to the 'supply of' and 'demand for' flexible capacity in the next several years as the renewable penetration rate continues to march higher. While this is a CAISO issue today, as more ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Iroquois Pipeline Flows
2017-01-19 - The New England gas market for years has been a constrained gas island where the main source of supply, Algonquin Pipeline, doesn't have the capacity to meet the space heating demands of the region. Because there have been no major pipeline expansions to ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Indian Point(ers)
2017-01-18 - Earlier this month Governor Cuomo announced a plan to close the Indian Point Nuclear Facility by April 2021.  The Entergy owned and operated power plant consists of two 1,000 MW reactors which sit on the Hudson River a little more than 30 miles north of ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Sabine LNG Noms
2017-01-17 - With yesterday being MLK day (holiday), most of the markets were closed and the ones that are open have very little volume.  As of last Friday, we have started to see the noms for Sabine LNG pick up with the uptick showing up in CCTP (Cheniere Creole ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Will it ever be the same? Talking about Portland
2017-01-16 - It has been nearly a week since the Portland metro area saw 14 inches of snow dumped on it.  The city shut down for 48 hours as the plows tried to make their way across all the major highways and streets.  The tow trucks were in high demand as ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Sherriff's Rules
2017-01-13 - A few years ago a former Enron colleague of mine, John Sherriff, asked me to review a final draft of a book he was writing about risk, decisions, business, and life. I happily read the book and gave John my feedback. John self-published Lucky and Good in ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | 350 Billion Gallons of Water
2017-01-12 - With more storms moving through California over the past 48 hours, the damage is tied to mudslides, power outages as well as flash floods.  The one area we are focusing on is the damage it has done to the drought-like reservoir levels throughout the ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Welcome Back, LNG
2017-01-11 - LNG import stations dot the Eastern shoreline of the United States, most of which representing relics of an old energy market.  The thermals were built to import liquefied natural gas into the US market which, at the time, had significantly weaker local ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Calgary is Cold!!!
2017-01-10 - It seems like so long ago (October) when above normal temperatures were the story line throughout Alberta, especially Calgary where the daytime average was coming in 10-15 degrees above normal. Such an increase in the daytime highs shifted up the overall ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Traveling down Hwy 1 ('The 1')
2017-01-09 - Over the New Years holiday break, we drove down to visit my mother-in-law who lives in Pismo Beach, CA.  We flew into San Jose, CA and decided to take our time and drive the scenic Highway 1 (Hwy 1) along the coast.  For those of you who grew up in ... »Learn more

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