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We do energy analysis, and we do it really well.

Energy industry professionals (traders, project developers, utilities, private equity firms, information managers, policy professionals and non-profits) use our analysis to help them make the most informed decisions they can.

Why do energy professionals choose Energy GPS for data analysis and advice?

Our analytical and strategic services are second to none. We combine real-world experience (as former energy traders ourselves) and serious data-analysis acumen to answer questions, solve problems and provide insights that few others can match. Our custom, tailored analysis is directly responsive to the specific needs of each client.

Our services

EnergyGPS offers two types of client engagement. For limited duration projects, such as asset valuations or hedging strategies, our consulting team provides hands-on, customized attention to whatever your challenge entails. For ongoing analysis and coverage of the power and natural gas markets, our product team delivers hundreds of daily notifications, analyses and updates in real time, either via our web site or email.

• Newsletter | April showers bring May flowers....
2015-04-27 - With the month of April almost in the books, we look forward to what May has to give from a hydro perspective.  This year has been rather unique as the season started out with some snowpack in the mountains during December only to give way to above ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Natural Gas Fundamentals
2015-04-24 - The weekly EIA storage number produced a 90 Bcf number, which put the overall total gas in storage at 1,629 Bcf.  This is 737 Bcf higher than this time last year but 101 Bcf below the 5-year average of 1,730 Bcf. Figure 1 | EIA Weekly Storage Numbers ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | The heat is on .........
2015-04-23 - As we near the end of April, the weather forecasts are showing some heat moving into the state of California over the weekend and early next week.  Both Sacramento and Burbank are looking at highs in the upper 80's/low 90's.  Putting the warmer weather ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | The California Sun affecting the shape of in-state hydro
2015-04-22 - It was been well documented in the press just how bad the California water situation is currently in.  Over the past two years the comment  'it cannot get any worse than last year' has resonated in some of the news articles published in the fall.  This ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Playing the Virtual Game in CAISO
2015-04-21 - Last week saw above normal temperatures hit the grid in California, which caused the overall load profile to shift up during the mid-morning to early afternoon hours. Figure 1 | CAISO's Hourly Load Profile - Day Ahead Forecast, Scheduled and Real ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | The Pacific Northwest hydro picture
2015-04-20 - We are almost a month into Q2, which usually means the Pacific Northwest hydro season is about to get exciting with the lower elevation snowpack starting to melt, water being released out of storage to meet the elevation targets set by the US Army Corp ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Import (ant) stuff happening in the PNW/California
2015-04-17 - I thought it would be good to take a look at how the Pacific Northwest (PNW) transmission flows have fared so far this year and what is in store in the coming days/weeks/months.  For this newsletter, we will focus on the CAISO portion of the AC and DC ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Power burns on my mind
2015-04-16 - As we get deeper into the month of April, the harsh winter weather has subsided and the power burns have dropped down to roughly 338 GW of peak demand (in out current sample balancing authorities).  This is actually down between 10-13 GW since the long ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Duck, Duck, Goose - the graph
2015-04-15 - Over the past year or so, what has become known as the 'duck graph' has been apart of many presentations throughout the Western part of the country.  The topic that is being discussed is how the California Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) will have an ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Glimpse into the future - Solar/Wind impact in California
2015-04-14 - With the Path 15 transmission line derated due to maintenance work, the MW highway between Northern California and the rest of the state has been restricted.   Figure 1 | Path 15 ratings and actual flows As you can see in the graph above, the flows N to ... »Learn more

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