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We do energy analysis, and we do it really well.

Energy industry professionals (traders, project developers, utilities, private equity firms, information managers, policy professionals and non-profits) use our analysis to help them make the most informed decisions they can.

Why do energy professionals choose Energy GPS for data analysis and advice?

Our analytical and strategic services are second to none. We combine real-world experience (as former energy traders ourselves) and serious data-analysis acumen to answer questions, solve problems and provide insights that few others can match. Our custom, tailored analysis is directly responsive to the specific needs of each client.

Our services

EnergyGPS offers two types of client engagement. For limited duration projects, such as asset valuations or hedging strategies, our consulting team provides hands-on, customized attention to whatever your challenge entails. For ongoing analysis and coverage of the power and natural gas markets, our product team delivers hundreds of daily notifications, analyses and updates in real time, either via our web site or email.

• Newsletter | It all adds up...Pacific Northwest Hydro
2016-10-20 - Last Friday night, the routine of shuttling the kids to their respective 'futsal' training sessions (Braziallian type of soccer) when things got interesting as the calm before the storm arose and slammed Portland proper with a massive amount of rain that ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Coal Maintenance
2016-10-19 - As move our way though October temperatures begin to decline as fall conditions set in across the US. Typically when we enter the shoulder months power burns hit their lows as temperatures gravitate toward that happy medium in which there is little ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | TETCO Delmont Return Expected for Nov 1
2016-10-18 - Back on April 29th of this year, there was a rupture on the Texas Eastern Pipeline just east of Pittsburgh near the Delmont compressor station. Flows through the compressor dropped from 1.3 BCF to zero when the incident occurred. This line, part of the ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | When/where October looks like November - Alberta Demand
2016-10-17 - Since the first of the month, the weather in Calgary, AB has been well below normal for this time of year.  In fact, we have seen over half the days this month recording double digit below normal average temperatures. Figure 1 | Temperatures Across ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Renewable Valuations
2016-10-14 - I recently took a trip to Houston to discuss renewable opportunities with some wholesale folks at banks and power marketing companies. While I was there I spent some time with a former colleague who now works for a firm that, among other things, invests ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | A little Milli Vanilli, 'Blame it on the rain...."
2016-10-13 - It is that time of year in the Pacific Northwest, when the overnight lows start to drop into the upper 30's while daytime highs are in the low 60's.  Wind is volatile while the precipitation pattern starts to transition from almost nothing to days when ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Fall(ing) HDDs
2016-10-12 - Starting in early September we typically see the HDD count across the country begin to grow as the nation slides into fall. However, this year has been characterized by above normal temperatures weak HDD growth. Figure 1 displays the previous two year's ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Welcome to the South Central Region
2016-10-11 - At EnergyGPS, we have always tried to respond to the demands of our customers. This is why we have put together a new morning report focused on the South Central region of the country. ERCOT and SPP power markets have seen large changes in renewables ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | If Columbus came to America this past weekend....
2016-10-10 - Today is Columbus Day, which remembers the voyage by one Christopher Columbus to the new land (America).  I could not help but think about what it would be like on his boat as he navigated his way over the Atlantic Ocean fighting off storm after storm ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Canadian Carbon Tax
2016-10-07 - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took Canadian provinces by surprise Monday by announcing they have until 2018 to adopt a carbon pricing plan. If not the Canadian government will step in and impose a price for them. A tough-talking Trudeau told the House of ... »Learn more

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