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We do energy analysis, and we do it really well.

Energy industry professionals (traders, project developers, utilities, private equity firms, information managers, policy professionals and non-profits) use our analysis to help them make the most informed decisions they can.

Why do energy professionals choose Energy GPS for data analysis and advice?

Our analytical and strategic services are second to none. We combine real-world experience (as former energy traders ourselves) and serious data-analysis acumen to answer questions, solve problems and provide insights that few others can match. Our custom, tailored analysis is directly responsive to the specific needs of each client.

Our services

EnergyGPS offers two types of client engagement. For limited duration projects, such as asset valuations or hedging strategies, our consulting team provides hands-on, customized attention to whatever your challenge entails. For ongoing analysis and coverage of the power and natural gas markets, our product team delivers hundreds of daily notifications, analyses and updates in real time, either via our web site or email.

• Newsletter | California Reg(Rev)ing Up
2015-07-01 - With both the LA Basin and Northern California warming up today, the CAISO Day Ahead (DA) auction results soared as NP15 cleared $75.34 (roughly $10 higher day on day) while SP15 came in at $65.73. With natural gas sitting around $3.24 up at PGAE CG and ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Climbing the highest mountain in the Pacific Northwest
2015-06-30 - As June comes to an end, the oxygen is thin as we ascent to the top of the 'Heat Rate Ridge' which is atop the highest mountain in the Pacific Northwest.  Over course of the climb this month, the journey has led us through very little snowpack and below ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Midwest Humidity in the Pacific Northwest
2015-06-29 - This weekend was suppose to be hot, with some forecasters calling for triple digits in the Portland metro area.  What we got was slightly cooler temperatures (only in the mid-90's) but plenty of humidity.  With the overnight lows only dipping down into ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Friday Gas Update -- More Heat Ahead...
2015-06-26 - Starting out with where things have been, prompt month prices hung around $2.75 early in week before jumping up almost $0.10 to settle at $2.850 for the July contract on Thursday. The rise in the forwards came with an EIA storage number broadly in line ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | California Load and Virtuals
2015-06-25 - We have been focusing on the Pacific Northwest as of late given the weather forecast is calling for triple digits in Portland and Spokane being 105 degrees this weekend.  Add to it this year's hydro situation and you have a pretty tight grid.  The one ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Oh let me count the cities over 100 degrees
2015-06-24 - This coming weekend is showing a heat wave moving across the Western part of the country as several cities will be staring at triple digit highs.  Starting in the Pacific Northwest, both Portland and Spokane are showing triple digits by Saturday, with ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Knee high by the 4th of July
2015-06-23 - My father in law (Marv) was born and raised in Iowa and over the past 12 years, he always tells me if the corn in Iowa is knee high by the 4th of July you are going to have a pretty good year.  For this to happen, the weather has to cooperate as the corn ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Whoa Nellie it is hot in the Pacific Northwest
2015-06-22 - After watching the US Open and the seeing brown tall rough, non-green fairways and the beautiful backdrop of the Puget Sound/Mt Rainer, one might think it never rains in the Great Northwest.  This year that has been the case as a high pressure ridge in ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Another Week, Another Storage Number
2015-06-19 - Yesterday’s weekly EIA storage number showed that natural gas injections for the US totaled 89 BCF for the week ending on June 12th, putting total storage at 2,433 BCF. This number serves as a good opportunity to look at what has been changing in the ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | The Wild Wild West is alive
2015-06-18 - Over the past week, the ridge that has been sitting over the West Coast decided to move inland as the likes of Salt Lake City, Denver and Phoenix have all seen their respective daytime highs increase by 10-12 degrees.  For example, Salt Lake City is ... »Learn more

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