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Making the right choice

To make a smart investment and to truly know what an energy asset is worth, it is crucial to find out what drives its value, the risks involved, the strategic position of the project or asset relative to its competitors, and how to manage adverse consequences.

Every consulting project is unique, requiring a well-designed, thoughtful approach to come up with the most accurate independent research. We take it one step further with clear advice on how to interpret that research, based on our multifaceted energy-industry experience.

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Clients often ask:

  • What are the strategic drivers that can benefit or harm my business going forward?
  • How much is our asset worth and what drives its value?
  • What are the financial risks associated with our business? How can we manage this risk?
  • How can we extract more value from our assets?
  • What transmission and transportation challenges do our assets face? How can we address these risks?
  • How can we structure products or transactions in the wholesale energy markets?

The bottom line

We help our clients identify good deals, turn potentially bad deals into good ones, and identify bad deals so that they can be avoided.