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ENERGYGPS is a leading energy analysis and consulting firm.

We do energy analysis, and we do it really well.

Energy industry professionals (traders, project developers, utilities, private equity firms, information managers, policy professionals and non-profits) use our analysis to help them make the most informed decisions they can. Explore our product offerings, consulting services, or learn more about Energy GPS.

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Subscribe to our newsletter. Stay updated on commodity market trends, and special announcements.
Stay In Touch
Subscribe to our newsletter. Stay updated on commodity market trends, and special announcements.
Special Research Reports
When it comes to Carbon Markets in the region, the Washington State had an initiative on the ballot a couple of years ago that had some traction but did not get over 50% allocated yes votes it needed to pass. Since that time, the groups that support a Carbon Market in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Washington, have put together another proposal that is known as Initiative 1631 and it is on the upcoming ballet on November 6th , 2018. » learn more
West Power will be interesting as we move into the back half of May and look forward to June and all of Q3. This article takes an in-depth look at how the Renewable penetration has impacted curtailments, how the constraints at SoCal Citygate are impacting the market and the volatility that is in store once we get into the summer months. » learn more
EnergyGPS teamed up with REsurety to analyze the effectiveness of P99 fixed quantity wind hedges. This free report models the hedge settlements for 38 individual wind generators in the ERCOT market, providing detailed economic and hedge efficacy metrics. » learn more
The article runs through the key regions across all of North America and details the natural gas demand drivers and their impact to the daily balance. » learn more
The hydro season is in its final three months of run-off season, this report details the system operations that are in play now that the weather is getting warmer and more snow is melting in the middle to upper elevation levels. » learn more
We detail how the grid has gone from a high wind scenario and curtailments to lower output which results into higher power burns across the Lower 48. » learn more
The featured article details the days leading up to the last weekend of April and how the forecasts were pointing to a high probability of Renewable curtailments. » learn more
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Daily Newsletter
Friday Dec 7, 2018   
California has long been leading the western region, and the country, in the effort to de-carbonize the electricity grid. The other western coastal states – Oregon and Washington – have been considering  a number of policies to reduce carbon emissions. After Washington’s ... » read more
Thursday Dec 6, 2018   
Power burns from natural gas have come in stronger year over year. While some may point to weather, it is only partially to blame. Market fundamentals have also shifted causing structural changes to the supply stack with natural gas gaining ground as a percentage of the fuel mix. Focusing on ... » read more
Wednesday Dec 5, 2018   
The month of December has started out with a nice chill in the West as the Pacific Northwest is seeing temperatures drop down below freezing in many of the demand areas when you take into account the wind chill element.  As a result of such temperatures, the overall rescom demand has increased ... » read more
Tuesday Dec 4, 2018   
We have been involved in California energy markets for over 20 years and we can only recall one or two years out of the twenty where there was not some sort of crisis that threatened the states reliability. This year is no different. Both PG&E and SoCal Gas continue to suffer from conditions ... » read more
Monday Dec 3, 2018   
Now that November is in the books, we will be turning our attention to the month of December and the new calendar year.  As it stands right now, the first full week of the new month is going to be getting cold across the majority of the Lower 48 starting with the Pacific Northwest and ... » read more
Friday Nov 30, 2018   
Natural gas is the most volatile commodity which trades in a deep liquid market. Periods of calm are punctuated with occasional explosive price increases, usually with memorable names – “the polar vortex” or “the bomb cyclone” are two of the more recent stand outs. » read more
Thursday Nov 29, 2018   
It’s finally time that winter jackets begin to get their seasonal position on the coat rack. The cold front that blew into New England over Thanksgiving weekend caused temperatures to drop into the teens affecting both power and gas prices throughout the region as Algonquin Citygate's settles ... » read more
Wednesday Nov 28, 2018   
As November comes to an end, there is a lot going on in the market as the Winter 2018-19 season is in full swing.  Everyone has been watching the weather forecasts to determine if the colder start to the season is going to continue or will Mother Nature revert back to above normal ... » read more
Tuesday Nov 27, 2018   
Outages tied to upgrades on the Nova Gas Transmission system have been the dominate theme for the past two years in Canada, specifically Alberta.  Such events have bound the system causing restricted access to export hubs, storage facilities and load centers. The eventual outcome from all ... » read more
Monday Nov 26, 2018   
As we all sit down in the work chair after the long Thanksgiving holiday period, the month of December is upon on at week's end. This is a good time to reflect on what we have seen throughout the first month of the 2018-19 Winter strip.  The first thing that comes to the forefront of the ... » read more
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