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Thursday Jun 22, 2017   
If you are old enough to remember the late 80's, one of the top hits was Soul II Soul's 'Back to Life' which starts out with the same three lines 'Back to Life, Back to Reality'. After the first chorus ends the song's next line goes like this, 'Back to Life, Back to the Present Time, Back from a Fantasy'.  This song has been stuck in my head for the past 24 hours ... » read more
Wednesday Jun 21, 2017   
Things are hot all across the Western US today as the temperatures break above 110 degrees for inland California and push into the mid-90s around the Burbank area. The Palo Verde 3 nuclear facility tripped offline yesterday which is the worst possible timing considering the 120 degree temperatures in the Phoenix area. The impact of the heat wave was made apparent in ... » read more
Tuesday Jun 20, 2017   
As many have pointed out over the past four months the natural gas rig count across the country continues to move significantly higher. From last year to this year, the number of rigs across the Lower 48 have climbed from 85 to 186 as per this past week's Baker Hughes Rig Report. Breaking down the regions in the report, there are three areas most affected by the climb ... » read more
Monday Jun 19, 2017   
After some heat showing up in the Midwest and East over a week ago, it is time for the West to get into some of the action as Phoenix is expected to hit 120 degrees by Tuesday while California is looking at Sacramento inching towards triple digits while Burbank is in the high 90's.   Figure 1 | Sacramento Actual/Forecast ... » read more
Friday Jun 16, 2017   
At EnergyGPS we spend most days analyzing wholesale electricity markets in some form. Take for example, on our consulting side of the business we spend a lot time working on asset valuations for developers, asset owners, buyers, and investors. We encounter retail markets somewhat indirectly. It usually relates to a retail buyer of some stripe (e.g., utility, community ... » read more
Thursday Jun 15, 2017   
Over the past week, the California market has seen the Renewable Curtailments come full circle as the 13th saw mostly local congestion causing the CAISO system operators to cut solar in SP15.  Prior to that, the weekend was seeing the curtailments in the form of what they call system wide reductions.  That translates into the grid is long power and the only ... » read more
Wednesday Jun 14, 2017   
Heading into this week the natural gas and power markets were filled with anticipation as the first real heat wave was set to hit the US.  As a result, the market had high expectations for gas demand with the consensus calling for power burns to settle in the low to mid 30's (BCF) for Monday and Tuesday.  Fast forward to today, we reflect back on the past two days ... » read more
Tuesday Jun 13, 2017   
It has been a mild spring across the Lower 48. There have been few heat events and the electricity systems have behaved somewhat orderly compared to previous years despite a very robust outage sesason. Mother Nature flipped the switch yesterday turning spring into summer in a matter of hours. From Friday into Monday the daytime highs from Chicago over to the I-95 corridor ... » read more
Monday Jun 12, 2017   
This past weekend was setting up to be more like an April weekend day rather than a typical June Saturday or Sunday when it comes to the power load across the West as well as the renewable generation.  Starting in the Pacific Northwest, we saw the weather go from clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine to that of overcast weather with plenty of rainfall.  In fact ... » read more
Friday Jun 9, 2017   
Power markets are curious beasts. They really are!! Electricity is a vital commodity with no substitutes (at least in the short term) and limited ability to store. Furthermore, for most consumers reading this newsletter, electricity is quite a bargain compared to the benefit consumers derive from the product. At least for me, you could increase the price of electricity by ... » read more
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