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Thursday Jan 11, 2018   
Brutally cold weather hit the ConUS last week. A rare weather event known as the bomb cyclone drove a dramatic temperature drop across the eastern United States. The bomb cyclone was caused by a sudden drop in pressure that pulled down cold arctic air. The storm that developed raged across the entire East Coast. Near freezing temperatures in Florida caused chilly iguanas to ... » read more
Wednesday Jan 10, 2018   
The Northeast is currently in a state of de-frost as the region pulls itself out of a historical cold snap.  The freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall associated with the Bomb Cyclone weather event tested the energy infrastructure across the region, driving gas and power prices levels we haven't seen since the 2014 Polar Vortex. Starting with the ... » read more
Tuesday Jan 9, 2018   
Over the past two years the Alberta natural gas market has been suffering from an oversupply issue. While a good deal of the natural gas supply/demand dynamics have adjusted to years of increased production receipts, recent developments have started burden the capability of the NGTL system infrastructure. The TransCanada Towerbirch expansion on the north part of the James ... » read more
Monday Jan 8, 2018   
In general I don't like to be grumpy.  Going through life in a good mood, laughing and smiling is without question the best way to win in this game of life.  There are many things in life that make me smile.  Children laughing is always a surefire method for bringing a smile to my face.  Playing a prank on a co-worker will likewise bring a smile.  ... » read more
Friday Jan 5, 2018   
The next couple of years could prove to be pretty interesting in the Pacific Northwest energy markets. The Northwest is home to a lot of clean resources (hydro and wind) as well as a lot of flexible resources (hydro). The Northwest fleet has not been feeling the love in recent years. California’s rules limiting imports of renewable power for RPS compliance (coupled ... » read more
Thursday Jan 4, 2018   
Since the end of October, when the last heat wave moved though California, SoCal Citygate pricing has gotten all the attention as it started to separate from the rest of the West trading hubs such as PGAE Citygate and SoCal Border.  In fact, the spread between the SoCal Citygate and SoCal Border widened immensely as pipeline constraints into SoCal's system were ... » read more
Wednesday Jan 3, 2018   
Here in Portland, homeowners have their electrical load served by either Portland General Electric (PGE) or Pacific Power & Light (PAC).  There is no choosing which one serves you, as their service territories are physically set, so your electrical service provider is determined by where you live.  I will admit up front that I have spent the majority of my ... » read more
Tuesday Jan 2, 2018   
We hope everyone had a nice holiday. It was a difficult time to stay away from the energy markets with so much going on with the fundamental picture. Heading into the New Year any forecasters were calling for a return to normal/above weather. But this has not panned out as expected. Since before Christmas, the actual temperature postings compared to forecast have been coming ... » read more
Monday Jan 1, 2018   
The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) launched the western energy imbalance market (EIM) on November 1st, 2014.  As a quick reminder, the EIM utilizes the CAISO's advanced market systems, which take into account all load, generation, and transmission that have made themselves available, to automatically provide a least cost solution on a five minute ... » read more
Friday Dec 29, 2017   
Congratulations! You are reading the final EnergyGPS newsletter of 2017. Selecting today’s topic was a little overwhelming for me. So much has happened in 2017. There is still so much to say, and so little time to say it. I decided to take this in an informal direction today. We’ve all worked plenty hard this year. You are likely reading this because you are ... » read more
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