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Burrito - à la Carte
The energy sector continues to allow for a variety of toppings that get wrapped up into the tortilla shell known as the Friday Burrito, and it is exciting to know that the "food cart" will be open year-round to deliver the tasty food to market participants all over the world.
Stay In Touch
Subscribe to our newsletter. Our daily newsletter covers a medley of energy topics driven by market events. Stay updated on hot energy topics, and special announcements.
In-depth analysis on the most significant developments in the energy space.
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Thursday Feb 22, 2024   
California has been getting drenched as of late, if it were not for a healthy dose of precipitation in 2023 everyone would be singing the praises of Mother Nature. As we move into the spring, all eyes will be on the snowpack accumulation......(Gold) » learn more
Thursday Feb 22, 2024   
The renewable transition is in full swing and is spreading into all regions across the globe, including the Midwest and Ohio Valley. The resource that carries much of the attention is that of solar output as the profiles are percolating in the areas mentioned while taking a strong hold in ERCOT and California..... (Platinum/Platinum Plus) » learn more
Wednesday Feb 7, 2024   
Perhaps the defining characteristic of this past January that was consistently observed across the entire country was significant cold snap that showed up in the early-to-mid month. In much of the country the drop in temperatures produced significant effects on the power and natural gas markets. The weather-driven spike in demand in January combined with renewable patterns that have been in place for several months now to produce meaningful effects on the grid.(Platinum Plus) » learn more
Monday Feb 5, 2024   
Mother Nature delivered the coldest weather of the 2024 Winter in the middle of January. The natural gas grid had a bit of a hiccup with production as freeze-offs in play but there was plenty of storage. The electricity grid, on the other hand, saw its reserve margin shrink to a point that it was all hands on deck in certain parts of the country.....(Platinum/Platinum Plus) » learn more
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Thursday Feb 22, 2024   
Way back in the distant past when I was teenager, I remember a summer when I set a goal to become a mountain climber (author - Joshua Rasmussen).  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I set my sights on summiting out on Mount St. Helens.  While I was in decent shape, I was not in ... » read more
Wednesday Feb 21, 2024   
New updates have been made to our West Pipeline Capacity Dashboard. This dashboard has been available since September of last year and displays various capacities for points from a variety of western pipelines. Originally showcasing just Pacific Gas & Electric, Gas Transmission Northwest, and ... » read more
Tuesday Feb 20, 2024   
February is entering the final third period of the month with the initial days incorporating the next round of precipitation which is carrying the label of another atmospheric river system. The previous one earlier in the month took on the Pineapple Express label as local meteorologists tend to ... » read more
Friday Feb 16, 2024   
During the summer of 2023, ERCOT experienced some of the most extreme and prolonged scarcity in its history. While the scarcity was not as acute as Winter Storm Uri and there were no rolling blackouts, the grid experienced periods of tightness nearly every day during August, as well as many of the ... » read more
Thursday Feb 15, 2024   
Congestion continued to be on display within the California market where the constraint sits between Southern and Northern California.  This is known as an interzonal constraint that impacts the balancing act within the CAISO footprint and bottlenecks the movement of megawatts through the ... » read more
Wednesday Feb 14, 2024   
NP15 batteries aren’t feeling the love this Valentine’s Day as their opportunities to capture day-ahead arbitrage have fallen dramatically in the last two months. The figure below is featured in the CAISO Monthly Battery Dashboard which is released on the 1st of each month and available ... » read more
Tuesday Feb 13, 2024   
Solar generation across California and ERCOT are impacting their respective grids in a way that the system operators are having to deal with balancing the grid through some sort of renewable curtailments, which is led by a zero or negative price signal depending on the location.  For example ... » read more
Monday Feb 12, 2024   
There was a point during the Super Bowl where the cameras took the audience outside of Alliant Stadium to show the sun setting in the desert as the rays displayed an orange sky and reflection of the building that line the Las Vegas strip. Figure 1 | Sun Setting in the Desert Southwest There used ... » read more
Friday Feb 9, 2024   
The recent January cold snap tested the grid in the Pacific Northwest region. Robust underlying load growth coupled with extremely cold weather contributed to record levels of demand for many balancing authorities and a new winter record for the region. Conditions were so tight that we hear that ... » read more
Thursday Feb 8, 2024   
Perhaps the defining characteristic of this past January that was consistently observed across the entire country was significant cold snap that showed up in the early-to-mid month.  In much of the country the drop in temperatures produced significant effects on the power and natural gas ... » read more
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Burrito - à la Carte
The energy sector continues to allow for a variety of toppings that get wrapped up into the tortilla shell known as the Friday Burrito, and it is exciting to know that the "food cart" will be open year-round to deliver the tasty food to market participants all over the world.  
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