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Stay In Touch
Subscribe to our newsletter. Our daily newsletter covers a medley of energy topics driven by market events. Stay updated on hot energy topics, and special announcements.
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Saturday Nov 16, 2019   
A battery can sell three types of products: resource adequacy (RA), ancillary services , and energy. RA revenue is a function of the capacity market rules (e.g., size of battery and duration), and is generally procured on a monthly or annual basis. As such, RA value is not directly impacted by short term energy and ancillary prices or dispatch. Ancillary services, especially regulating reserves, are currently profitable, but the market for them is very small compared to the size of the energy market. In the CAISO, for example, the current regulating reserve market is about 300 MW of “reg up” and 300 MW of “reg down.” Historically, the regulating reserve market was served by flexible hydro and natural gas. » learn more
Saturday Oct 12, 2019   
This past January, ERCOT implemented the first part of scarcity price policy revisions from the Public Utility Commission of Texas. These changes, affecting the Operating Reserve Demand Curve adder (ORDC), were set to take place in two phases: at the beginning of 2019 and 2020. This past April, EGPS discussed the proposed first change and how it might affect ERCOT pricing. Now, at the end of the summer, it’s time to look ahead at the upcoming second change. This article presents an analysis where the frequency and level of ORDC adders is calculated using defined adjustments. We compute expected adjustments based on the known change to the ORDC adder coming March 2020 (Phase 2 adder) as well as some expected change to the net resource mix..... » learn more
Friday Oct 4, 2019   
The ‘Sumas Story’ started years ago when cold winter days in the Pacific Northwest had to compete with Northeast winter demand as AECO was the marginal molecule. This created a lively market that saw both Sumas and AGT cash gas prices shoot through the moon. As the grid was going through its evolution of pipeline expansions (REX) and on-shore production, the leverage of AECO diminished to a point that Sumas went to the wayside while AGT was still privy to the winter price spikes. Almost a year ago to the day of writing this report, the Pacific Northwest got a jolt (no pun intended) as the 36 inch Enbridge pipeline near Shelley, BC exploded with a ball of fire that was seen for miles...... » learn more
Thursday May 16, 2019   
EnergyGPS slides from the "Third Annual Northwest Wholesale Power Markets: Transition in Progress" conference by Newsdata LLC and CJB Energy. We explore the power demand, supply, and price conditions in the Pacific Northwest and California markets. » learn more
When it comes to Carbon Markets in the region, the Washington State had an initiative on the ballot a couple of years ago that had some traction but did not get over 50% allocated yes votes it needed to pass. Since that time, the groups that support a Carbon Market in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Washington, have put together another proposal that is known as Initiative 1631 and it is on the upcoming ballet on November 6th , 2018. » learn more
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Monday Aug 3, 2020   
As I drove to a friends house this weekend, I drove through two neighborhood downtowns close to Portland proper. As I entered the first, I decided to count the number of For Lease signs that were present and before I could get two blocks I was up to four.  After swinging around a ... » read more
Friday Jul 31, 2020   
As the market share of grid-connected solar in wholesale power markets continues to grow its worth revisiting the ability to predict solar in time frames relevant to centralized power markets: (1) hourly forecasts made approximately a day in advance, when Day Ahead (DA) markets are ... » read more
Thursday Jul 30, 2020   
It seems like only yesterday is a saying that fits when it comes to watching SoCal Citygate price itself over PGAE Citygate in the cash market.  if you recall, you can go all the way back to the leaky valve at the Aliso Canyon storage facility or the pipeline fire that constrained flows ... » read more
Wednesday Jul 29, 2020   
U.S. nuclear outages have taken a rather unusual uptick in recent days.  In years past, such an occurance would provide the seeds for some bullish uplift of gas demand, but not so much anymore.  The amount of generation capacity taken offline for planned and unplanned maintenance has ... » read more
Tuesday Jul 28, 2020   
In April of this year we had on one of the most defining moments in the history of the crude industry. Driven by an abundance of supply and limited storage the futures price crashed down to minus $37 for the May 2020 WTI settle causing a seismic shift in energy operations across the ... » read more
Monday Jul 27, 2020   
It is a whacky world we live in as the coronavirus has plagued the world over the past four months and no real end in sight for many states as the number of cases continue to grow.  When it comes to the injustice of inequality Portland has become the hotspot when it comes to the protests ... » read more
Friday Jul 24, 2020   
In early 2019, Washington State legislature passed and Governor Inslee signed the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA, or SB 5116). CETA includes three major mandates on Washington State’s Investor- and Publicly-Owned Utilities (IOUs and POUs). First, CETA mandates that all coal-fired ... » read more
Thursday Jul 23, 2020   
Historically, by this time of year the Major League baseball season would be well past its halfway mark, we’d be entering the dog days of summer, and conversations about pennant runs would start to take place.  But nothing is normal, anymore.  Take SoCal weather for example.  ... » read more
Wednesday Jul 22, 2020   
Growing up in the rural part of the Midwest, my summer job was to work with my father as a plumber's assistant, translation a labor job where each and every day was to dig trenches, work under old homes to fix a leaky pipe and work the contraption that unclogged tree roots blocking the sewer ... » read more
Tuesday Jul 21, 2020   
Alberta's energy dependent economy is on the long road to recovery. They were hit brutally hard by both the pandemic as well as the lifting of Saudi oil limits back in April. StatsCan estimates the provincial economy crashed somewhere between 30 and 68% during the height of the lock down ... » read more
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