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We do energy analysis, and we do it really well.

Energy industry professionals (traders, project developers, utilities, private equity firms, information managers, policy professionals and non-profits) use our analysis to help them make the most informed decisions they can.

Why do energy professionals choose Energy GPS for data analysis and advice?

Our analytical and strategic services are second to none. We combine real-world experience (as former energy traders ourselves) and serious data-analysis acumen to answer questions, solve problems and provide insights that few others can match. Our custom, tailored analysis is directly responsive to the specific needs of each client.

Our services

EnergyGPS offers two types of client engagement. For limited duration projects, such as asset valuations or hedging strategies, our consulting team provides hands-on, customized attention to whatever your challenge entails. For ongoing analysis and coverage of the power and natural gas markets, our product team delivers hundreds of daily notifications, analyses and updates in real time, either via our web site or email.

• Newsletter | Power Burning?
2017-09-21 - Coming out of the weekend, the 1-5 day forecast was showing above normal weather across most of the country except the West.  This was a stark contrast to what we saw throughout the month of August and the early part of September in the Midwest and ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Changing Seasons
2017-09-20 - Here in the PNW it feels as if someone flipped a switch as what was one of the hottest and driest summers on record has suddenly given way to cooler temperatures and torrential downpours.  While the change was quite sudden, it doesn't come as a surprise ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | The Irma Effect and Return of Southeast Power Burns
2017-09-19 - While it was not the strongest hurricane to ever hit Florida, Irma has the distinction of having taken out the most electric service of any storm in history. Every major metropolitan area was hit by the storm knocking out over 4 million customers. »Learn more
• Newsletter | Some color at the tips of the gray bars
2017-09-18 - I am not sure what time of year, let alone what day of week, it is sometimes when kids soccer overlaps with work on the weekends as both are full-time jobs.  The one thing that is becoming clear in the market, the California grid is getting close to the ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | CAISO Flex Ramp Reset
2017-09-15 - The CAISO never ceases to fascinate us here at EnergyGPS. It is intriguing on so many levels. One level is the operational challenges that arise from high levels of renewables. It’s just darn interesting seeing what new stresses are placed on the grid ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | California Hydro - Whats Up?
2017-09-14 - Over the past 14 days, the California hydro picture has change drastically as 600 MWa have left the market. Figure 1 | CAISO Hydro Generation Table/Chart - Hourly/Daily Averages ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Demand Destruction
2017-09-13 - Flipping through the news feed yesterday my jaw dropped as images of Irma’s destruction began to roll in.  Early in the afternoon yesterday, CNN had a graphic on the front page indicating that roughly 5.4 Million Floridians and another 1.1 million in the ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) Pipeline Maintenance
2017-09-12 - This has been a big year for pipeline maintenance in the Pacific Northwest. Spectra Pipeline, which runs from British Columbia down into Washington State and the NGTL system which gathers and distributes gas in Alberta have seen a summer full of capacity ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | I(ntense), R(ugged), M(assive), E(normous)
2017-09-11 - As the weekend approached last Friday all our thoughts and prayers were will the state of Florida as the second Category 4 or higher hurricane was barreling down on Cuba and headed for the southern tip of Florida.  Most of the storm trackers has the eye ... »Learn more
• Newsletter | Ubiquitous Spreads
2017-09-08 - The “spread trade” is the life blood of energy markets. It is simple in concept – you purchase one instrument and sell another one against it – betting that the value of the two instruments will come together (sell the spread) or increase (buy the ... »Learn more

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