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ENERGYGPS is a leading energy analysis and consulting firm.

We do energy analysis, and we do it really well.

Energy industry professionals (traders, project developers, utilities, private equity firms, information managers, policy professionals and non-profits) use our analysis to help them make the most informed decisions they can. Explore our product offerings, consulting services, or learn more about Energy GPS.

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Subscribe to our newsletter. Stay updated on commodity market trends, and special announcements.
Stay In Touch
Subscribe to our newsletter. Stay updated on commodity market trends, and special announcements.
Special Research Reports
West Power will be interesting as we move into the back half of May and look forward to June and all of Q3. This article takes an in-depth look at how the Renewable penetration has impacted curtailments, how the constraints at SoCal Citygate are impacting the market and the volatility that is in store once we get into the summer months. » learn more
EnergyGPS teamed up with REsurety to analyze the effectiveness of P99 fixed quantity wind hedges. This free report models the hedge settlements for 38 individual wind generators in the ERCOT market, providing detailed economic and hedge efficacy metrics. » learn more
The article runs through the key regions across all of North America and details the natural gas demand drivers and their impact to the daily balance. » learn more
The hydro season is in its final three months of run-off season, this report details the system operations that are in play now that the weather is getting warmer and more snow is melting in the middle to upper elevation levels. » learn more
We detail how the grid has gone from a high wind scenario and curtailments to lower output which results into higher power burns across the Lower 48. » learn more
The featured article details the days leading up to the last weekend of April and how the forecasts were pointing to a high probability of Renewable curtailments. » learn more
The monthly report takes a look at how the colder weather in April has impacted the supply/demand landscape across North America and what is in store for May 2018. » learn more
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Daily Newsletter
Monday Jul 16, 2018   
When people throughout the country think of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) it is my belief that they imagine Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.  At least growing up in the region that is what I always thought of when I heard a reference to the PNW.  In the power markets however most ... » read more
Friday Jul 13, 2018   
It seems like ERCOT is in a bit of a re-setting mode right now in both the short term and the long term markets. Buyers and sellers are like tired boxers in the middle rounds of a 12 round bout. They are circling, jabbing, trying to figure out the next move as the summer months unfold. Prior to ... » read more
Thursday Jul 12, 2018   
Last week was record breaking weather in the Northeast as a heat wave passed through the region. The beginning of the week ISONE was expecting temperatures to cause high levels of demand and brought back as much generation from outage as possible.  This kept the Mass Hub real time LMP at a ... » read more
Wednesday Jul 11, 2018   
The last 36 hours in Portland Metro area have been filled with clouds and a little breeze that has kept the cooler weather intact.  As I walked to get a cup of coffee yesterday afternoon, the sun started to peek out from behind the clouds and it was then that you realized just how how it can ... » read more
Tuesday Jul 10, 2018   
Besides day to day fundamentals coverage, EnergyGPS provides several forecasting tools to help determine value in the natural gas futures market. One of our client's favorite is the Natural Gas Balance Sheet as it takes a forward looking assessment and forecast of the major supply-demand components ... » read more
Monday Jul 9, 2018   
If you are a National Basketball Association (NBA) fan, you are aware that LeBron James has committed to play for the Los Angeles Lakers as he signed a 4-year contract right after free agency began.  This is a big deal as he is noteably one of the best players of all-time and still has alot of ... » read more
Friday Jul 6, 2018   
Every year at the end of June I coordinate a decathlon of leisure sports which is held in beautiful Sisters, Oregon. While the rest of the world is focused on the World Cup or Wimbledon, thirteen brave, fading, middle-aged men compete in a 15-hour marathon of events designed to test one’s ... » read more
Thursday Jul 5, 2018   
The 4th of July night sky is filled with fireworks across the country.  Some are set off by the neighbor who deems this holiday as their favorite and has gone out and purchased a large stash of explosives that make for a great display.  Other displays from from the neighborhoods within a ... » read more
Tuesday Jul 3, 2018   
In previous Newsletters we have discussed the supply/demand issues that SoCal Gas will face this summer. There are ongoing maintenance outages across their system that are limiting the flow of supply into their system to just 2.6 BCF per day. On top of it, the largest storage cavern on their system ... » read more
Monday Jul 2, 2018   
If you grew up in the 80's Eddie Murphy was front and center as one of the top comedians in the industry. It was his box office hit Beverly Hills Cop that put Detroit back on the map as well as moonshot his career. Figure 1 | Beverly Hills Cop - Cast Members The plot of the movie is tied to a ... » read more
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