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Fundamental analysis and market insight from experienced energy traders

Energy GPS packages offer market fundamental analysis and insight from energy traders with decades of collective experience in the power and natural gas markets. When you subscribe to one of our packages, you can expect personal, in-depth coverage from someone who knows how to filter through vast quantities of data and find those actionable nuggets that illuminate what’s happening and help inform your daily outlook.
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Newsletter Product
Gratis Silver Gold Platinum Enterprise
$ Free $75 per month / user $150 per month / user $250 per month / user Contact Us for site license
Daily newsletter delivered to your email box Access to historical newsletters Access to historical newsletters, 30 power and gas related articles per year Access to historical newsletters, 30 power and gas related articles per year, and 12 monthly recaps per year Customized access to 100+ research reports, data charting and query tools, and much more!
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In-Depth Look at Packages
What you can expect as an Energy GPS customer
Our detailed independent research and insight helps traders identify profitable opportunities and assess risk and uncertainty. We also provide valuable coverage of larger macro trends of interest to managers and other industry professionals who may not be day to day traders themselves.

Our approach is to first collect the most complete information there is and then deliver it to you along with value-added analysis as soon as possible, every hour of the day. We start with the data. Every day we track and synthesize data from more than 150 different industry websites we monitor. We then produce graphical and written analysis with our unique take on what is happening in the larger markets.

We often discuss our market views in detail with clients so you have the opportunity to stress test ideas and positions. For example, what would happen if river flows increase in the next week? What is the next key load level that could trigger higher prices? What does the supply portfolio look like with different plant-outage assumptions?

Depending on what’s happening on any given day, the potential questions are numerous. Our writing and analysis is always geared toward understanding what’s happening right now – and what’s likely to happen next.

Which packages are right for you?
When you subscribe to one of the Energy GPS product packages, you can expect to receive a steady stream of reports, written analysis, and market alerts. Paid subscribers can access all of their content on the EnergyGPS web site any time. In addition, you may opt in for notifications and receive an email the moment a report or notice is published. As with any notification, the full content of any email you receive is always available online. How you receive our content is up to you and easily customized via your user profile. Compare our product packages in detail to find a package that matches your needs.

Package Newsletter Product
Gratis Silver Gold Platinum Enterprise
Newsletter - Medley of energy topics driven by market events
Daily newsletter delivered to your email box
Historical newsletters
Weekly Articles - Stay up to date on power and gas related activities. We dig deeper into hot topics and changes in the power and gas markets and provide in-depth analysis on current events.
Number of weekly articles per year - - 12 12 Custom
Historical weekly articles - - - -
Monthly Recap - Review of commodity related events in the past month. Don't get left behind on market related events in the power and gas sector. We cover major fundamental changes and look at a macro level why we have momentum or softness in the market place.
Number of monthly recaps per year - - - 12 Custom
Historical monthly recaps - - - -
Subscription Level Gratis Silver Gold Platinum Enterprise
Daily Report - Daily Report is the first thing you read before the trading day begins. Delivered by 5 a.m. Pacific Time in a concise, two-page format, it explains what is happening in the cash markets and, more importantly, why. This custom report is created by senior EGPS staff (not generated by a model or an algorithm) who mine volumes of data to pull out the important nuggets that will impact market prices. The report reviews key drivers in the commodity marketplace including weather, changes in demand, unit outages, generation, imports and power flows.
Natural Gas Supply/Demand Balance Model - - - - Custom
North America Natural Gas - - - - Custom
Power Daily (Pacific Northwest, California, ERCOT, PJM, NEPOOL, etc.) - - - - Custom
West Natural Gas - - - - Custom
Weekly Recap - Dive deeper into the most important market drivers of the previous week. The focus typically shifts based on market conditions. For example, when there are high congestion prices, we examine the supply stack within the ISO footprint. During outage season, understanding the impact of unit outages, coal to gas switching, and pipeline maintenance is the key. During the spring, the focus often turns to California and Pacific Northwest hydro and how it displaces natural gas and coal generation.
Number of weekly reports per year - - - - Custom
Historical weekly recaps - - - -
Monthly Report - In-depth look at the most significant developments of the past month. We develop on larger themes or trends we see in the market place, and also provide macro guidance on what to expect going forward.
Number of monthly reports per year - - - - Custom
Historical monthly reports - - - -
Pacific Northwest Hydro - Our Pacific Northwest hydro model covers 60 dams totaling 31 GW and representing 92 percent of domestic Pacific Northwest hydro capacity. We update our model weekly to reflect changes in elevation, the volume-runoff forecast, and other river operations. During the spring runoff we also provide weekly commentary on the hydro system that describes the factors driving our model outcome, provides sensitivity analysis around model outcomes, and gives traders a list of things to watch for in the coming days and weeks.
Hydro Discussion (Flashes, and Monthly outlook) - - - - Custom
PNW Daily - - - - Custom
Market Alerts and Notice - Our automated system monitors important websites and generates summary reports within seconds of data being published by the provider. Examples of these alerts include: LMP prices, ISO market summary, transmission outages, hydro volume forecasts, EIA gas storage estimates, etc.
Market Flashes (Automated) - - - - Custom
Market Flash Analysis (Written) - - - - Custom
Web Access - Our secure web site provides easy access to dozens of reports and graphics in real-time. Our site is loaded with rich interactive tools and reports where clients can perform complex data queries to explore questions of interest.
Report dashboard -
Charting tools, data query, and more! - - - -