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The energy industry is difficult to explain to newcomers. EnergyGPS has put together a list of our favorite books in electricity and natural gas markets. » learn more
Saturday Jul 6, 2024   
The last month of Q2-2024 had a few moments where the peek-a-boo theme was present, the first being the natural gas forward price topping the $3.00 level for a brief moment.....(Platinum/Platinum Plus) » learn more
Wednesday Jul 3, 2024   
The month of June marked a delay in the usual pattern of wind generation declining from its April high to bottom out over the summer during July and August. At the same time, rising solar continues to shine in markets across the country....(Platinum Plus) » learn more
Monday Jul 1, 2024   
CAISO's real-time price action continues to be a story where Southern California was front and center starting in January only to have Mother Nature take over the lead role midway through June 2024......(Gold/Platinum/Platinum Plus) » learn more
Friday Jun 7, 2024   
The ERCOT Monthly Battery Dashboard showed big increases in sell prices and day-ahead arbitrage opportunities, as well as ancillary service prices, for ERCOT batteries in May 2024. In this battery report, we dig into the impact of just a few high-priced days in May and what the average 'May day' really offered to ERCOT batteries last month. » learn more
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