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The energy industry is difficult to explain to newcomers. EnergyGPS has put together a list of our favorite books in electricity and natural gas markets. » learn more
Wednesday Nov 29, 2023   
The California battery fleet continues to see its capacity grow and have an impact on the overall supply/demand balance on any given day. Over the past couple of weeks, the natural gas component has taken a turn where the spot SoCal Citygate settles have been less volatile and the forward curve is falling in line. The combination of the increasing battery fleet and lower natural gas prices are mudding the arbitrage waters with no end in sight for such change. (Gold/Platinum/Platinum Plus) » learn more
Tuesday Nov 28, 2023   
The Western energy market has seen its share of volatility over the years as the annual hydro Water Year is in the mix, the CAISO renewable push is now a mainstay in the conversation as new technologies enter the space and of course we have Mother Nature who likes to keep everyone on their toes. With last year's historical natural gas tightness in the minds of many, all eyes are on the daily dynamics now that Aliso Canyon is able to put more gas in the ground. In this piece, we take a look at how the structural changes to the market create a new fundamental dynamic that is going to be impactful as we move forward to December 2023 and Q1-2024. (Platinum/Platinum Plus) » learn more
Sunday Nov 5, 2023   
The story in CAISO during October and the first part of November is one of North versus South as the differences between the two regions are key to the market dynamics as a whole and for the state’s renewable resources in particular. To highlight the issue, compare the implied heat rates for the period between NP15, which averaged 9.9 for October and SP15, where the heat rate was just 6.6. This low implied heat rate for SP15 persisted into November, while the number for NP15 increased to 10.9 to widen the spread between the two zones. (Platinum Plus) » learn more
Friday Nov 3, 2023   
The article highlights the key components tied to the CAISO Battery fleet that continues to expand and impact the market. EnergyGPS publishes both a daily and monthly dashboard detailing the pricing components tied to energy and the ancillary service revenue streams along with how the battery fleet is performing from an optimization perspective. (Gold/Platinum/Platinum Plus) » learn more