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The energy industry is difficult to explain to newcomers. EnergyGPS has put together a list of our favorite books in electricity and natural gas markets. » learn more
Wednesday May 29, 2024   
CAISO solar has been a steady topic of conversation, with oversupply and congestion issues in Southern California pushing prices down to new lows. But the impact has been felt all across the CAISO system, spurring action from the ISO's other renewable resources--including hydro, as it flees towards the light load. » learn more
Monday May 20, 2024   
The rapid growth of solar capacity in the Midwest has been a topic of conversation going back to last winter and MISO is seeing substantially more solar MW hitting its grid this spring compared to previous years. This special report focuses on the MISO market's shift in prices this spring to peak later in the evening, as well as the driving forces behind the shift, including solar expansion.....(Platinum/Platinum Plus) » learn more
Monday May 20, 2024   
May's slow start for the hydro system in the Pacific Northwest was met with further delays even once temperatures began to climb in the region. This special report delves into the factors on the system and the energy grid both in the Northwest and elsewhere in the West that kept hydro generation depressed, and the changes that had hydro finally on the rise....(Platinum/Platinum Plus) » learn more
Sunday May 5, 2024   
The start of spring brought with it a new twist as the LNG fleet ended up hitting low noms for the year, thus leaving the supply component as the leader to downward pressure on the natural gas cash markets....(Platinum/Platinum Plus) » learn more
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