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Tuesday Mar 13, 2018   
Winter weather is not going away any time soon. This is a stark contrast to what the forecasters called for just four weeks weeks ago. By this time we were expected to have broad warming across the West with normal temperatures in the East and Gulf. This was seen as an early beginning to spring and an early end to space heating for many areas of the country.  ... » read more
Monday Mar 12, 2018   
This has been a busy winter writing about SoCalGas Company.  If you are a gas subscriber you can find our NG Market Flashes here, while if you are a power subscriber you will find our California Market Flashes here and here. Coming into this winter season, SoCalGas' pipeline system was in disorder following the early fall explosion on L235 in the Mojave Desert's ... » read more
Friday Mar 9, 2018   
The states of Washington and Oregon just finished their abbreviated legislative sessions. Democrats in both states attempted to pass carbon legislation. At this point in time we can’t be sure whether the legislation simply didn’t have enough support or if it was just too big a lift to manage in an abbreviated session. My sense is that in a full session, which ... » read more
Thursday Mar 8, 2018   
SPP saw a surge of wind throughout the last weekend, serving over 50% of the region's load for nearly the entire time. While there were some curtailments along the way, these were much lower than we would have expected when compared to the fall of 2017. This time around SPP was better able to handle the massive increases in wind. » read more
Wednesday Mar 7, 2018   
While the worst is likely behind us, winter is far from over from a power market perspective.  March can mean something different each year depending on just how long winter wants to hang around. Sometimes it is a joyful transition into spring full flowers and some much needed sunshine.  Other years it is a miserable extension of winter that makes you ... » read more
Tuesday Mar 6, 2018   
This has been a wild ride for Alberta gas balancing over the past year. Last spring, NGTL started a large upgrade and maintenance project on ther system. This severely constricted network transport cutting back on the ability to get production volumes out of the province. At the same time, the same maintenance restricted access to some of the storage fields on the system. » read more
Monday Mar 5, 2018   
This past week the drought stricken Southern California finally received some rainfall.  Many inches of the wet stuff hit Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles.  One of the bi-products of rain in regions with a large installed base of rooftop solar, is increased load during the hours in which the sun would normally shine.  The reason of course is ... » read more
Friday Mar 2, 2018   
Price curves are estimates of the future value of a particular commodity, at a particular delivery point, at a specific point in time in the future. For example, the “NYMEX natural gas curve” represents the price of natural gas delivered to the Henry Hub in a specific month in the future. In electricity markets, forward curves typically represent the price of ... » read more
Thursday Mar 1, 2018   
Last week we looked at coal retirements across both PJM and ERCOT, this week we will compare wind generation with coal retirements in MISO. While MISO has continued to build wind capacity over the course of 2017, it will see several coal units retire over the upcoming year, much like ERCOT. The incremental wind capacity will be able to offset part of the increase in power ... » read more
Wednesday Feb 28, 2018   
As we entered February we sent out a Newsletter titled "Tied to Ties" which discussed a line outage on the NY and New England AC interface.  The outage was limiting flows between NY and New England to just  600 MWa which is around half of the total capacity.  While 600 MWa may not seem like an overtly large derate, the grid ... » read more
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