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Wednesday Aug 23, 2017   
Condition became unexpectedly tight in the PNW to start this week as the Columbia Generating Station tripped off line on Sunday afternoon.  Hydro ramped up to balance the grid but ultimately the Mid-C needed to price its self to keep MWs at home.    Figure 1 | BPA Balancing Authority RT Generation Stack – 8/22 ... » read more
Tuesday Aug 22, 2017   
For those of you who traveled to the path of totality, the sight must have been amazing.  In Portland, OR the temperature shifted down while the shadows around 10:18 am were impressive, the sky was not pitch black but gazing through the glasses at a sun that was blocked almost 100% was something you will never forget. As we ... » read more
Monday Aug 21, 2017   
There are a number of outages on the horizon both construction and maintenance related for the Tennessee Gas Pipeline 300 line running through Northern Pennsylvania. This weekend there was a forced outage through station 325 limiting access into New Jersey. That just seems to be the tip of the iceberg. Also starting this weekend was remediation work and maintenance ... » read more
Friday Aug 18, 2017   
In case you haven’t heard, an eclipse will be crossing the United States starting at 10:15 am PDT on Monday morning in Oregon and finishing in South Carolina at 2:49 EDT. Most parts of the US will experience a partial eclipse. However, those within a 70 mile swath across the US will be in the ... » read more
Thursday Aug 17, 2017   
It is hard to believe, but the regular season football season is right around the corner as the NFL teams are preparing to play their second pre-season game this upcoming weekend.  What is interesting this year compared to other years is the fact that the first three weeks training camp has seen well below normal temperatures across the Midwest, Ohio Valley and ... » read more
Wednesday Aug 16, 2017   
Weather models are spinning hotter for next week putting an end to the bearish, below normal, temperatures we have seen through the majority of the month.  In figure 1 below, we have charted the actual and forecasted CDD deviation from normal by each region for August of this year.  The regions are color coordinated and the previous days have a shaded ... » read more
Tuesday Aug 15, 2017   
It has been a very mild August with very few days above normal throughout the East. By and large, the temperatures and humidity has been kept at bay. For a good two weeks the area east of the Misissippi River has been experiencing temperture highs anywhere between 2-10 degrees below normal. That is about to change starting today as a warm front moves into the region bringing ... » read more
Monday Aug 14, 2017   
Over the past week, we have seen the forward curve shift from the bottom of the range to what we would consider the top of the current range.  This means we have seen a jump of $0.20, as the lower end sat around the $2.80 mark and this morning's pre-trading is up a couple of pennies to put the September contract right at $3.00.  So what has causes such a move? ... » read more
Friday Aug 11, 2017   
In July Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory updated its annual report titled “U.S. Renewables Portfolio Standards 2017 Annual Status Report” written by Galen Barbose. As always, there is a lot of great information in the report. What is great about this report is it aggregates renewable information across states and technologies. » read more
Thursday Aug 10, 2017   
After spending the last 10 days in above normal temperature land, the Pacific Northwest is going to see the daytime highs shift back down into the low 80's with the overnight lows in the 60-62 degree range. Figure 1 | Portland Weather - Actual and Forecast Daytime High/Low ... » read more
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