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Friday Aug 11, 2017   
In July Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory updated its annual report titled “U.S. Renewables Portfolio Standards 2017 Annual Status Report” written by Galen Barbose. As always, there is a lot of great information in the report. What is great about this report is it aggregates renewable information across states and technologies. » read more
Thursday Aug 10, 2017   
After spending the last 10 days in above normal temperature land, the Pacific Northwest is going to see the daytime highs shift back down into the low 80's with the overnight lows in the 60-62 degree range. Figure 1 | Portland Weather - Actual and Forecast Daytime High/Low ... » read more
Wednesday Aug 9, 2017   
Through the spring and early summer we spent a substantial amount of time looking into the impact that wind generation was having on power and gas markets a alike. The increase in capacity combined with breezy conditions drove average wind generation 4-6  GW/d above last year for January through June.  That trend came to an end for July which settled 2 GWa ... » read more
Tuesday Aug 8, 2017   
As anticipated by the growth in the natural gas rig count, we have seen a material climb in production volumes since the beginning of the injection season. April averaged 71.6 BCF of production and since then the total has climbed up to 73.1 BCF as of this past week. The growth has been led by the Utica and Marcellus formations with some contributions out of the South ... » read more
Monday Aug 7, 2017   
If your travels took you to the Pacific Northwest towards the end of the week, you would have walked into a daytime high north of 100 degrees.  In fact, the airport temperatures were nearing record temperatures while the overnight lows were as high as 78 degrees in some places.  This led to a massive price spike at the Midc in the bilateral market early in the week ... » read more
Friday Aug 4, 2017   
Do you know how hot it is in Portland? It is soooo hot in Portland that the hipsters have traded in the skinny jeans and flannel shirts for tank tops and tight shorts. Never a dull moment here in Rip City. For ... » read more
Thursday Aug 3, 2017   
We have all heard of Newton's third law of motion in our high school physics class: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Another way of saying it is like this, "what goes up must come down".  That is exactly what happened in the Western markets yesterday for today as the bilateral markets shifted back down below $100 across the board ... » read more
Wednesday Aug 2, 2017   
Those of us living on the West coast are running for cover this weak as a heat wave pounds the entire Pacific region.  Portland specifically is bracing for record breaking conditions as daytime highs are expected to hit 107 degrees today and Thursday.  After the extreme heat subsides, CDDs are expected to remain above normal across the Pacific region ... » read more
Tuesday Aug 1, 2017   
The West is where the action is at this week with Portland expected to break a record when it comes to its daytime high at the airport.  For example, some forecasters are calling for highs to reach the 108-100 degree mark by Thursday with an overnight low of 73 degrees.  Just for the record, the low for the day has been a typical daytime high throughout the cooler ... » read more
Monday Jul 31, 2017   
Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL) does some mighty fine research. Each year I look forward to reading a number of their reports. Sometimes I get a little behind in my reading – so it takes a few months for me to catch up with their publications. In March of 2017 LBNL published “Retail Rate Impacts of Renewable Electricity: Some First Thoughts.” This ... » read more
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