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Wednesday Dec 27, 2017   
Starting in 2002, California's Senate Bill 1078 created a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) which would dictate the percent of electricity load that would be served by renewable energy resources.  There have been many Senate Bills since the initial 1078 that would increase the RPS targets for 2010, 2020, and 2030.  In 2011 the 2020 RPS target was set at 33%.  ... » read more
Tuesday Dec 26, 2017   
Good Morning. We hope you had a wonderful holiday. What a difference one year can make. Just 12 months ago we were still getting over a natural gas production environment that had fallen on hard times back in 2015. Low prices caused a drop in the rig count and brought total natural gas production down from 74 BCF/d in December 2015 to ... » read more
Monday Dec 25, 2017   
In a year dominated with fundamental changes to the natural gas infrastructure we believe the uptick in Production is the largest story.  Yes, the expanded capacity at the LNG export facilities and increased exports to Mexico are a signal of a shifting paradigm in the global energy landscape regarding the Untied States' role in the years to come.  However ... » read more
Friday Dec 22, 2017   
The House and Senate are finalizing the details on a tax bill that looks set to pass shortly. In such a large and complex piece of legislation, there are of course many winners and losers. One particular piece of interest in the bill is how the change in the headline corporate tax rate will impact energy markets. The central provision of the current tax overhaul is a ... » read more
Thursday Dec 21, 2017   
Load has been declining on the West Coast for the past decade. Several factors contribute to the load reduction such as energy efficiency, as well as more conservative energy usage by the end user. However, a main player in the reduction of year-over-year CAISO load is solar energy. Small solar installations are hidden from the real-time fuel mix and are known as ... » read more
Wednesday Dec 20, 2017   
At the end of last week the various weather runs all pointed to temperatures coming in around normal over the Christmas holiday.  Starting this past weekend and proceeding into this week we have continued to add HDDs to the forecast for the final week in December.  Yesterday morning's model run showed a 38 HDD forecast (Euro Ensemble) for the 25th which ... » read more
Tuesday Dec 19, 2017   
On Friday, FERC gave approval for the Rover Pipeline to put into service a number of laterals and compressors that are intended to bring additional flows for the east-to-west service. This is just another step in expanding the Rover Pipeline footprint eastward to several processing stations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  ... » read more
Monday Dec 18, 2017   
It was a year ago this week that Portland landed 14 inches of snow at the lowest elevation levels within the city as an unique inversion weather pattern swooped in and trapped the precipitation front moving up from California and the colder jet stream off the North Pacific.  It was so unique that the likes of Seattle and Spokane saw hardly any snow.  Such a storm ... » read more
Friday Dec 15, 2017   
You are probably tired of hearing about bitcoins by now. You may be a Luddite and eschew technology. Or you may be like me, trying to wrap your brain around the concept which results in a headache. Or perhaps you are jealous of those lucky bitcoin owners who have reaped huge digital (as opposed to paper) profits. Or maybe you are tired of hearing your co-worker talk about ... » read more
Thursday Dec 14, 2017   
The extreme amount of solar in the California ISO has completely changed the net load profile. Solar generators can ramp to their maximum capacity within a few hours and produce at high capacity factors until the sun begins to set, reducing output to nothing by the time dinner is served. The solar capacity in the Cal-ISO has increased over the last five years going from a ... » read more
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