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Tuesday Jul 11, 2017   
Earlier this spring, there was an unfortunate accident at one of the drilling sites for the new ETC Rover Pipeline. One of the drilling contractors spilled several milion gallons of waste water into a watershed in Stark County Ohio. FERC responded by putting a moratorium on drilling until clean up has been completed and a reassurance that the work can be completed safely. » read more
Monday Jul 10, 2017   
My weekend was filled with a local soccer tournament as both my son and daughter were playing from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.  Each day was filled with exciting matches as my daughter's girls 2006 squad played some of the best teams in the Portland Metro area.  My son's 2004 squad played up a year and let me tell you what a different in size 12-16 months ... » read more
Friday Jul 7, 2017   
EnergyGPS’ consulting practice does a lot of long term modeling and valuation work. We help people estimate what energy assets will be worth in the future. A lot of this work relates to renewable assets. Perhaps the two most common questions we receive are: (1) can day-ahead prices really go negative? and (2) how deeply negative can they go? Experience in California ... » read more
Thursday Jul 6, 2017   
If you were around the waterfront in Portland, OR over the 4th of July you would have been exposed to the annual Blues Music Festival, fireworks and clear blue skies as temperatures started to warm up with highs in the low 80's.  At the end of Salmon Street downtown, by the Willamette River, the children were doing their version of the Sun Dance as they played in ... » read more
Wednesday Jul 5, 2017   
Over the past 6 months, the Pacific Northwest has experienced one of the top six wettest winters on record and the hydro generation output has definitely been evident to that through most of June. Figure 1 | Pacific Northwest Hydro Generation - Flat Daily Average ... » read more
Friday Jun 30, 2017   
Happy 4th of July weekend! Hopefully people get an opportunity to get a little break and enjoy some time with family and friends. In the spirit of the upcoming long weekend of leisure, we bring to you an update on a leisure activity that I’m passionate about. Once a year I get together with ... » read more
Thursday Jun 29, 2017   
At the beginning of the month, we stated that the wind generation in ERCOT's foot print was quite high compared to last year when you look at it from a capacity factor level.  We understand that the overall growth in wind capacity on the grid is there, but when the capacity factor increases as well there is a change to the market that is being cause by more efficient ... » read more
Wednesday Jun 28, 2017   
We have seen some serious volatility on the CAISO market over the last two weeks as above normal temperatures in California drove up internal load and searing daytime highs in Phoenix limited imports.  Add to that a few unexpected nuclear outages/returns and there was quite the shake-up in California for the last half of June.  One thing that didn't show ... » read more
Tuesday Jun 27, 2017   
Last week we had triple digit temperatures stretch across most of  California and the Desert Southwest. There were several temperature readings of 130 degrees in the Mohave and Arizona Desert. Arizona Public Service set new demand records and CAISO declared several system alerts. As a result of the record power demand, almost all of the natural gas generating units were ... » read more
Monday Jun 26, 2017   
With temperatures still north of 90 degrees on Saturday night and the sun setting to the West, it was that time of year when the 'Keep Portland Weird Slogan' checks another box.  It was the annual Naked Bike Ride through the streets of Portland where thousands of people parade on their bikes naked.   Figure 1 | ... » read more
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