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Friday Dec 15, 2017   
You are probably tired of hearing about bitcoins by now. You may be a Luddite and eschew technology. Or you may be like me, trying to wrap your brain around the concept which results in a headache. Or perhaps you are jealous of those lucky bitcoin owners who have reaped huge digital (as opposed to paper) profits. Or maybe you are tired of hearing your co-worker talk about ... » read more
Thursday Dec 14, 2017   
The extreme amount of solar in the California ISO has completely changed the net load profile. Solar generators can ramp to their maximum capacity within a few hours and produce at high capacity factors until the sun begins to set, reducing output to nothing by the time dinner is served. The solar capacity in the Cal-ISO has increased over the last five years going from a ... » read more
Wednesday Dec 13, 2017   
Power Burns have been ripping this December as Monday settles around 28.5 BCF with Tuesday coming in just above 30 BCF.  Total ConUS gas burns are tending 4.8 BCF/d above last year's December average and well above the 2015 average as well.  Figure 1 | ConUS Daily Power Burns ... » read more
Tuesday Dec 12, 2017   
The market is now a month and a half into the winter withdrawal season and it is time to do a little recap into what we have seen so far. According to NOAA, the total population weighted heating degree days for the month of November came in at 488.That was 51 less than normal making this another start to a warm winter for the Lower 48. From an outright demand standpoint, the ... » read more
Monday Dec 11, 2017   
If you have watched the natural gas forward market the past week, you have seen nothing but a downward movement which has been led by a warmer forecast hitting the Lower 48 in the 6-10 day period and pull some of the colder weather out of the 11-15 day timeframe.  The one area of country that has been strong has been the SoCal Citygate spot prices as planned and ... » read more
Friday Dec 8, 2017   
Last weekend I was sitting in a restaurant in Portland enjoying a taco for lunch. My family was sharing our table with a single diner, so we struck up a conversation. She mentioned that she is the proud new owner of an electric vehicle. And she proclaimed that she was really excited to be driving a ZERO emission vehicle. She said it in a way that led me to believe that she ... » read more
Thursday Dec 7, 2017   
One thing I love about Christmas time is driving around looking at all the Christmas light displays as some can get quite extravagant. I remember one year, a house I went to see had lights synced to the theme song of Frozen to create quite the show (Let it Go, Let it Go..... yes the song will not we in your head the rest of the day). While these displays are great to look at ... » read more
Wednesday Dec 6, 2017   
The majority of the conversation in the energy space over the last couple weeks has been focused on the impressive ridge which is forming over the center of the continental US.  This is driving temperatures well below normal in the East while the West remains relatively warm.  As has been discussed, the cold shot through the eastern portion of the country will ... » read more
Tuesday Dec 5, 2017   
It may have taken the Northeast a month but it now time to get winter underway. Starting today through the rest of the week, average temperatures across the Midwest and MidAtlantic will drop from 50 down to 30 degrees. The product of such a  temperature drop will be a big increase in ResCom demand normally associated with space heating. Our forecast is calling for a 33% ... » read more
Monday Dec 4, 2017   
Over the past 6 or so weeks, SoCal Citygate cash prices have been labeled the the Algonquin of the West as we have seen days with indices in the $5.00 to $6.00 range and one day go as high as $12.00.  Most of the volatility to the upside stemmed from well above normal temperatures driving up power loads while a fire hit the Topock region as well as the ongoing Line 4000 ... » read more
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