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Monday Aug 1, 2022   
After spending the past weekend in the Seattle area, the one thing is clear: the demand in the region is not going to be going down anytime soon in the summer months.  Especially if you consider the hot days like we have seen over the past week or so.  I say this because the new build popping up everywhere includes hotels, apartment complexes and additional buildings to existing businesses.  Each one is fitted with some sort of AC to which is being used to cool an area that once relied on the overnight coolness relieve themselves of the next round of daytime highs north of 90 degrees. Figure 1 | Pacific Northwest and its Heat The ‘staying cool in the heat’ memo that is blasted on the television in the hotel room has the top priority of finding a cool or ... » read more
Friday Jul 29, 2022   
ERCOT has been the market to watch since the beginning of this year, starting with the news about their new ORDC rules taking effect in January and continuing with what feel like constant real time price spikes. The Texas market has been so volatile that we have released around two dozen market flashes so far this year about ERCOT alone (in addition to numerous blogs, articles, and special reports). Even in the typically mild shoulder months, hubs have seen real time prices jump into the thousands of dollars per MWh. This is having a significant impact on the value of renewable generation; solar and wind values have risen to amazing highs. However, it’s important to understand the components of the value. Prices overall are high right now for a variety of reasons, including factors ... » read more
Thursday Jul 28, 2022   
ERCOT’s long-awaited (and somewhat delayed) June curtailment numbers were finally posted over the weekend.  The folks at ERCOT have had a lot on their minds over the past couple of weeks with several events with runaway real-time prices, including a trip to the $5k price cap back on the 13th, so we won’t hold the delay against them.  The new release provides some interesting insights continuing the conversation about how the growth of renewables in the region has impacted both prices and disrupted the “traditional” curtailment patterns from the past several years.  The figure below shows a running total of curtailments by renewable resource from January through December for the past four years.  Curtailments occurred at an unprecedented rate for ... » read more
Wednesday Jul 27, 2022   
Both Lake Powell behind Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Mead behind Hoover Dam are facing historically low elevations that are threatening hydropower generation in the Desert Southwest. We’ve been following updates on the lakes and the measures taken to save them here at EnergyGPS, most recently in the report titled ‘Lowering the Lows at Lake Mead’. Read on for a sneak peak of the updates and insights in this article. Recent satellite photos released by NASA show the drastic change at Lake Mead from 2000, the last time the lake was full, to 2021, and on to 2022. The changes are staggering and the impacts for the millions of people depending on the water for agriculture and power are even more so. At the beginning of this year, a Tier 1 Shortage was announced, meaning usage cuts ... » read more
Tuesday Jul 26, 2022   
Transco Pipeline was originally commissioned in 1950 and was designed to move supply from Texas and the Gulf of Mexico up into the demand centers in the Northeast. Over the years the pipeline has changed from a long haul natural gas pipeline delivering Gulf supply into New York City to a bidirectional route moving Marcellus gas south to demand centers in the Southeast. Currently up to 2 BCF per day is shipped southbound out of the Mid Atlantic into the Carolinas and Georgia. But as demand has bloomed along the path the supply has been outstripped by demand growth. Despite having natural gas production sources out of the Gulf and Northeast the Transco Pipeline is suffering an island effect throughout the Southeast where there is not enough molecules to meet the power generation ... » read more
Monday Jul 25, 2022   
Over the past year and a half, California batteries have been an active part of the conversation within the EnergyGPS construct of new market attributes within the energy sector.  We allow market participants to engage in such conversation via the EnergyGPS eCommerce platform, where individuals can subscribe to a specific package to which they receive content tied to the energy space.  The latest piece of content, titled ‘Throwing DARTS at CAISO’, detailed how the battery fleet has been adapting to the market conditions around supply/demand and constraints within the technology itself. In the article, we discuss the revenue streams that are tied to the newly minted technology of the future and what it means to the energy markets participants play in each day.  ... » read more
Friday Jul 22, 2022   
The US Natural Gas market has taken its share of prisoners since the second half of last year, and it’s showing little sign off easing off the volatility we’ve seen since then given the growth of many pressures on the supply demand balance (including geopolitical factors, changes in the production profile, and weather events) in that time span. While this volatility classically makes for a more exciting trading environment with fresh opportunities for many, it also has a singular drag on a major piece of the puzzle for most shops; maintaining liquidity. This is in part because credit facilities and exposures are often estimated, sized, and priced in proportion to the Potential Future Exposure (PFE) calculation for a given company, line of business, or trade. And that ... » read more
Thursday Jul 21, 2022   
The Pacific Northwest so far this summer has enjoyed relatively mild conditions on the power grid.  Temperatures have been cool with only a handful of days with above average heat which has kept demand moderate.  Things have been a far cry from the summer of 2021 when a late June heat dome effect had the entire region setting all-time high temperature records and pushed Mid-C into the forefront of the West as the highest priced hub.  The Northwest is seeing a little bit of warmth currently, but the weather forecast for next week has the specter of another heat wave looming ahead.  The figure below shows WSI Trader’s 15-day temperature forecast for the Northwest, showing daily min/max estimates.  The large block of red colored cells starting next Monday ... » read more
Wednesday Jul 20, 2022   
Over the last few months, we have been covering the attempts to prolong power generation at Glen Canyon Dam. Battling climate change and the increasing strain of water use combined with power generation, the forecast for the lake and the power generated by its dam has been bleak. Back in March of this year, levels at the lake behind Glen Canyon dam reached a historic low and simultaneously passed an important marker that allowed for the Bureau of Reclamation to intervene. Figure 1 | Elevation in Feet at Lake Powell (2010 – 2022) The figure above shows elevation in feet at Lake Powell since 2010. Some yearly cycles of draining and refilling are present, but overall, the trend has been downward with an especially prolonged drop down starting in 2019. The orange section of the line ... » read more
Tuesday Jul 19, 2022   
There was a time in the not too distant past that Southern California power prices were the highest on the continent. Shut down of the San Onofre nuclear generating station as well as the Mohave coal fired power plant pushed the power prices well above every other index across the land. But since those moments a monumental build out of solar and wind generation in the California desert has helped to relieve the price premium. This year the SP15 zone, which represents the southern half of the states grid encompassing both Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric, has stayed as a significant discount to the NP15 zone in the north. That is until this week.   Figure 1 | CAISO On Peak SP15/NP15 Cash Prices for 2022 The change in pricing is due to the ongoing ... » read more
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