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Friday Nov 10, 2017   
We do a lot of valuation work on the consulting side of the EnergyGPS house. We estimate value and risk of a variety of electricity assets. The work tends to follow the asset development and investment cycle. In 2010 we valued a lot of thermal assets. Then came the wind projects. Then the solar projects. Transmission and hydro assets have been sprinkled in there as well. » read more
Thursday Nov 9, 2017   
Northeast production has been surging since the beginning of the month. These increases are tied to a jump in takeaway capacity for the region. With the winter nearly here, storage across the country is close to full. In order to avoid early withdrawals, Marcellus production has quickly responded to the additional capacity flowing out of the region.  ... » read more
Wednesday Nov 8, 2017   
Coming into this week we were met with cooler temperatures across the country which shifted up power demand compared to the last few weeks.  Powerburns increased as a result however the initial readings were a little troubling as the early pipeline nominations indicated a significant downside deviation in the powerburns relative to the last 30 days.  When the ... » read more
Tuesday Nov 7, 2017   
The California Public Utilities Commission has a difficult job. They are entrusted with being the arbiters between wants and needs in a highly politicized state often guided by emotion. Think of them as the lone parent in a sandbox full of three year old toddlers. Over the past ten years they have had the unenviable task of having to manage several energy reliability issues ... » read more
Monday Nov 6, 2017   
Tis the season for colder weather to show up over a weekend to give the natural gas market a little jump start (up $0.088 in pre-trading) as we enter the first full week of November.  As you can see in the table below, the weather runs as of yesterday morning showed a big increase in HDDs in the 1-5 day period with the East/Midwest leading the charge.  ... » read more
Friday Nov 3, 2017   
Earlier this year I read an article in the New York Times about the “Brooklyn Microgrid.” It is a peer-to-peer energy trading system built on blockchain. The claims are pretty strong – they aspire to build a microgrid with energy generation and storage components that could ... » read more
Thursday Nov 2, 2017   
Over the course of October, Algonquin saw several outages that impacted its capacity throughput at the likes of Stony Point and other compressors. For example, Figure 1 breaks down the monthly flows at key compressor points on the pipe.  You can quickly see that each one's capacity is cut almost in half during the month of October with Stony Point leading the charge as ... » read more
Wednesday Nov 1, 2017   
Much like the collection of candy at the end of the night, the weather on Halloween is often a mixed bag. The onset fall the weather can dive massive weather variations from relatively pleasant evenings to wet and windy storms.  Considering that some costumes can be very weather sensitive, the forecast for the 31st is likely one of the most viewed outlooks of the year. » read more
Tuesday Oct 31, 2017   
On October 26th (last Thursday), TETCO Pipeline filed a notice with FERC to start partial service on the Adair Southwest and Access South expansion projects. FERC is expected to approve the additional compression and capacity for the November 1 flow date. That will increase the total volume out of the Marcellus and Utica Basins by .52 BCF taking total flows down to the Gulf ... » read more
Monday Oct 30, 2017   
Prior to November coming off the board last Friday, there were 'bear' sightings when it came to the production component.  In fact, the majority of them were sighted in LA and eastern part of TX, which is better known as the Haynesville region.  Per an article released by EIA, the region is seeing its highest production levels since the end of 2013. » read more
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