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Wednesday Oct 18, 2017   
On October 12th there was an issue at the Berne compressor on the Tetco pipeline which led to a forced majeure as throughput fell from 1.8 Bcf to 0. The Berne compressor sits in southern PA and stifled flows to the South Central region and resulted in lower overall production volumes.  However there was an unexpected consequence that occurred in a neighboring ... » read more
Tuesday Oct 17, 2017   
We have been following California energy economics for two decades. One the qualities of the market that has stood the test of time is that it is an island. The demand needs of the state far exceed its supply abilities. Thousands of miles of pipelines and transmission facilities have been built over the past 60 years to accommodate the consumers on California Island. This ... » read more
Monday Oct 16, 2017   
Over the past few weeks, the Northeast has seen nothing but red when it comes to the temperature charts as the region has been well above normal.  This trend looks to continue as we head into the back half of October. Figure 1 | NYISO Weather Forecasts - Daily ... » read more
Friday Oct 13, 2017   
As I’m sure the reader can appreciate, each one of these newsletters starts with an empty page. Sometimes it can be a challenge to fill up the page. At other times, it is easy. Sometimes it is fun. Other times it requires more labor. Today’s newsletter is both fun and easy to write. » read more
Thursday Oct 12, 2017   
As PJM continues to ramp up its gas capacity, coal to gas switching has become more elastic. Figure 1 displays the coal to gas switching ratios of 2016 and 2017. The X axis shows the price of Appalachian coal in dollars per mmbtu divided by the price of TETCO M3 gas compared to the percent of gas in the total coal and gas in real time generation. The additional 3 GW of ... » read more
Wednesday Oct 11, 2017   
Along the US/Canadian border there are multiple high voltage power lines which allow for power exchanges between the two countries.  Some of the largest ties run from Quebec into NY (HQ) and New England (Phase I/II) which combine to provide 3,500 MWs of transfer capacity.  Typically, the power flows south over the border as the primarily hydro based power ... » read more
Tuesday Oct 10, 2017   
Being a Green Bay Packer fan and owning a business in the energy sector, the two things I watch this time of year is the National Football League (NFL) North match-ups and the weather across all of North America.  The former has the Packers on top of the division with a 4-1 record as they beat the Dallas Cowboys on last second touchdown pass by Aaron Rodgers to DaVante ... » read more
Monday Oct 9, 2017   
As we entered into the weekend, the tropical storm (Nate) was quickly turning into a Category 1 hurricane which was headed to the mainland somewhere between Louisiana and Alabama.  As of Saturday morning, the latest track had it making landfall late Saturday evening just southeast of New Orleans. Figure 1 | Hurricane Nate's Track ... » read more
Friday Oct 6, 2017   
The Desert Southwest is an interesting region these days as the price for power is right up there with the likes of both NP/SP15 bilateral prices.  In fact, for the two day weekend package the Palo Verde on-peak price indexed over both California trading hubs.  This is all happening during a time the daily temperatures are moderate in Phoenix, Las Vegas and other ... » read more
Thursday Oct 5, 2017   
California has been known for their large amount of solar capacity, but Texas has been building its solar arsenal. Over the course of the last 18 months, solar capacity in ERCOT has gone from 212 MW to 1000 MW with an increase of over 500 MW since the start of 2017 (see figure 1). This currently puts ERCOT in second place for utility scaled solar capacity amongst the ISOs. » read more
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