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Friday Jul 21, 2017   
As many readers know, I am a big fan of the work of Vaclav Smil. He is one of the best thinkers and writers in the energy space. He has the rare combination of intellect, creativity, numerical competence, clear writing style, and relevance. He is a prolific writer. This year he has published an update to a book originally published in 2006, a new book, and the JPMorgan ... » read more
Thursday Jul 20, 2017   
For the past two days, the CAISO day-ahead auction clear has settled in around the 11.0 implied heat rate across the heavy load down in SP15. Figure 1 | CAISO Day-Ahead Auction Breakdown ... » read more
Wednesday Jul 19, 2017   
It is that time of year again when the annual Midc conference is being held in Wenatchee, WA.  If you have not been and are doing business in the West, I highly recommend putting it on your calendar for next year.  The reasons for this is simple ... » read more
Tuesday Jul 18, 2017   
Temperature east of the Mississippi River are going to take a material turn higher this week. Thursday through Saturday's forecast is showing the day-time highs stretch into the mid to high 90's which will put this as the hottest days of the summer thus far. Compounding the heat will be high humidity making the indexes near triple digits. PJM peak load is expected to climb ... » read more
Monday Jul 17, 2017   
After spending the weekend in San Jose for a Futsal tournament (the Brazilian sport that is a combination of soccer on a smaller field with more action), I got to see first hand how the weather in Northern California fares throughout the day.  In the morning/late evening hours the breeze cools things off to a point that a sweatshirt is needed.  During the day, the ... » read more
Friday Jul 14, 2017   
We are nearly at the midway point of the month and have seen quite a bit of action in California as temperatures across the West have trended above normal.  Despite the heat, the DA cleared demand is virtually flat compared to last year.  Figure 1 | Average Hourly CAISO DA Load - July 2017 vs 2016 HL ... » read more
Thursday Jul 13, 2017   
Over the past few days, the CAISO day-ahead auction has been showing some congestion within its footprint.  Such constraints have been having an impact on the external nodes as both Malin and Sylmar have shifted down quite a bit compared to SP15. Figure 1 | CAISO Day-Ahead Price/Heat Rate Breakdown for 7/13/2017 ... » read more
Wednesday Jul 12, 2017   
The above average heat in California over the last couple weeks combined with a decline in imports from the broiling DSW has been the primary focus in the market.  The onset of summer has taken our attention away from what was previously a main focus in CAISO which is the sensationally strong hydro year.  Looking at generation by fuel type over the last 5 days ... » read more
Tuesday Jul 11, 2017   
Earlier this spring, there was an unfortunate accident at one of the drilling sites for the new ETC Rover Pipeline. One of the drilling contractors spilled several milion gallons of waste water into a watershed in Stark County Ohio. FERC responded by putting a moratorium on drilling until clean up has been completed and a reassurance that the work can be completed safely. » read more
Monday Jul 10, 2017   
My weekend was filled with a local soccer tournament as both my son and daughter were playing from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.  Each day was filled with exciting matches as my daughter's girls 2006 squad played some of the best teams in the Portland Metro area.  My son's 2004 squad played up a year and let me tell you what a different in size 12-16 months ... » read more
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