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Wednesday Feb 14, 2018   
After a cold and volatile January, conditions have leveled off across the Northeast as temperatures have moved above normal this week. The correlated decrease in res/com demand has freed up pipeline capacity from Dominion up through the Algonquin systems.  After a one day cold event on Tuesday, gas prices have settled to their lowest values of the year as the M3/Dom ... » read more
Tuesday Feb 13, 2018   
The injection season is only a month and a half away. Besides the refilling of storage, with the summer months comes the onset of maintenance, construction and inspections for gas assets across the continent. The downtime associated with those activities impedes the pipeline flows each year, throwing a wrench into the daily balancing duties. That is why it is imperative ... » read more
Monday Feb 12, 2018   
I first want to start this EGPS Newsletter off by saying that I love hydro electricity.  It is not only green, but it is cheap, and can be extremely flexible.  It is the perfect product in my mind, but I digress.  The Pacific Northwest has started off 2018 with abundant hydro supplies.  Take a gander at Figure 1 and you will see that our output is well ... » read more
Friday Feb 9, 2018   
This week I attended the annual Infocast Wind Power Investment and Finance conference in San Diego. It is one of the better wind conferences of the year. They had record attendance which is an indicator that folks see a lot of opportunity in the market in the next couple of years. It is interesting to hear the perspectives from people in all parts of the business. Here are a ... » read more
Thursday Feb 8, 2018   
Both ERCOT and SPP continue to make a push towards renewables. The increased generation has added large amounts of wind over the past several years, and we don’t see this trend stopping anytime soon. As renewables are added to the supply stack, incremental megawatts will be taken away from thermal generation. ERCOT ... » read more
Wednesday Feb 7, 2018   
The volatility in the stock market has been the major headline over the last couple of days, but let's not forget about the energy markets.  While its no Bitcoin, we have seen massive gains and a subsequent fall in the Henry Hub March contract over the last 30 days.  As cold weather pummeled the United States to start 2018, the NG market caught fire as supply ... » read more
Tuesday Feb 6, 2018   
Two weeks ago TransCanada hosted a conference call to go over the 2018 NGTL Operations Plan. The details of the presentation covered the new expansion projects underway on in the Alberta province. Besides increased oil sands delivery capacity and an ongoing effort to bring additional production to market, the Nova operations team confirmed that the completion of the ... » read more
Monday Feb 5, 2018   
We are approaching the time of the year, Q2, when everyone starts to talk about California's solar capacity, rooftop included, and Pacific Northwest hydro generation.  Last year California not only had massive solar generation, but they also had their biggest water year in history.  Up here in the PNW we had a top ten hydro year.  There was plenty of renewable ... » read more
Friday Feb 2, 2018   
This week I had the opportunity to spend a day out of the office with a group of renewable industry professionals with diverse backgrounds discussing the current state of affairs in the industry and thinking about what the future might bring. I heard a lot of insightful comments. I also heard a diverse range of views on the future of the industry and the grid. A number of ... » read more
Thursday Feb 1, 2018   
The nuclear fleet has been pretty healthy year-to-date, and as a result has aided in making sure there has been enough non-gas generation online to meet the overall increased demand during the month of January (it has been quite cold this month). Over the course of the next couple of months we will see planned and unplanned outages make their way to the market.  Once we ... » read more
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