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Wednesday Nov 1, 2017   
Much like the collection of candy at the end of the night, the weather on Halloween is often a mixed bag. The onset fall the weather can dive massive weather variations from relatively pleasant evenings to wet and windy storms.  Considering that some costumes can be very weather sensitive, the forecast for the 31st is likely one of the most viewed outlooks of the year. » read more
Tuesday Oct 31, 2017   
On October 26th (last Thursday), TETCO Pipeline filed a notice with FERC to start partial service on the Adair Southwest and Access South expansion projects. FERC is expected to approve the additional compression and capacity for the November 1 flow date. That will increase the total volume out of the Marcellus and Utica Basins by .52 BCF taking total flows down to the Gulf ... » read more
Monday Oct 30, 2017   
Prior to November coming off the board last Friday, there were 'bear' sightings when it came to the production component.  In fact, the majority of them were sighted in LA and eastern part of TX, which is better known as the Haynesville region.  Per an article released by EIA, the region is seeing its highest production levels since the end of 2013. » read more
Friday Oct 27, 2017   
This time of year usually leads with everyone wondering what Mother Nature has in store for the upcoming winter.  Decades ago, there was no talk of global warming or the thought of shale production hitting regions closer to the winter demand centers, so all eyes were on the weather forecasts, both long term as well as the short term.  Talk of where the season ... » read more
Thursday Oct 26, 2017   
I am not a big fan of umbrellas. Waterproof clothing appears to keep me drier, and I don’t have to hold that extra accessory while walking around. The worst thing is on those really windy days just tug at the umbrella and flip it inside-out. Might as well put it up. » read more
Wednesday Oct 25, 2017   
When the first pitch was thrown in the 2017 World Series last night the temperature in Los Angeles was 103 degrees Fahrenheit which crushed the previous world series record of 94 degrees set back 2001 when the Arizona Diamondbacks hosted the Yankees.  The prime time match up will bring national attention to the substantial heat wave that has been pounding ... » read more
Tuesday Oct 24, 2017   
Northeast production volumes have taken a recent turn lower over the past three weeks. Since the last weeks of September to this past weekend the total production coming out of the region has fallen from 25.3 down to 23.6 BCF. This is the reason why our total Lower 48 production has dropped from 75.2 down to 73.2 BCF this month. What has caused this drop in volume? There are ... » read more
Monday Oct 23, 2017   
If you recall, last October was one of the rainiest fall months in the Pacific Northwest has ever seen with several inches falling over a three week period.  Such precipitation brought an onslaught of Westside hydro generation to the grid along with output on the Lower Columbia.  As a result, the Midc power markets saw plenty of downward pressure all month as the ... » read more
Friday Oct 20, 2017   
I try to keep politics out of the newsletters. I’m in the energy business. I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon for 20 years – let’s just say it is a liberal city. I’ve spent a few years of my professional life living in Oklahoma and Texas – let’s just say those are not liberal places. I have friends, colleagues, and clients in the energy ... » read more
Thursday Oct 19, 2017   
SPP has seen very high wind this month and is forecast to reach an all-time high moving into this weekend on Friday and Saturday. Unlike gas and coal units, wind cannot be controlled easily by the plant. Figure 1 shows the wind and thermal stack for SPP. As shown in the chart, the variations in wind are compensated for by thermal units generating more or less during any ... » read more
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