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Monday Oct 9, 2017   
As we entered into the weekend, the tropical storm (Nate) was quickly turning into a Category 1 hurricane which was headed to the mainland somewhere between Louisiana and Alabama.  As of Saturday morning, the latest track had it making landfall late Saturday evening just southeast of New Orleans. Figure 1 | Hurricane Nate's Track ... » read more
Friday Oct 6, 2017   
The Desert Southwest is an interesting region these days as the price for power is right up there with the likes of both NP/SP15 bilateral prices.  In fact, for the two day weekend package the Palo Verde on-peak price indexed over both California trading hubs.  This is all happening during a time the daily temperatures are moderate in Phoenix, Las Vegas and other ... » read more
Thursday Oct 5, 2017   
California has been known for their large amount of solar capacity, but Texas has been building its solar arsenal. Over the course of the last 18 months, solar capacity in ERCOT has gone from 212 MW to 1000 MW with an increase of over 500 MW since the start of 2017 (see figure 1). This currently puts ERCOT in second place for utility scaled solar capacity amongst the ISOs. » read more
Wednesday Oct 4, 2017   
Coming out of the weekend, there was a force majeure notification at Topack/Needles heading into Southern California.  As it turns out, there was an explosion at Newberry Springs (Line 235-2 - local news article from The Sun) reducing the Needles/Topock capacities to zero.    Figure 1 | ... » read more
Tuesday Oct 3, 2017   
Over the apst two month there has been a large shift in the Northeast natural gas cash markets in relationship to the benchmark Henry Hub. At the beginning of the summer, most forecasts had the Northeast gas price relationships to the Henry Hub much stronger than where they ended up liquidating. A number of factors have played out in the market including ... » read more
Monday Oct 2, 2017   
As of yesterday, October 1st 2017, Portland General Electric (PGE) is officially apart of CAISO's Energy Imbalance Market (EIM).  This entails many items, but the first one I took a look at was the transfer capacity between the CAISO and PGE's system as it will be another tentacle that will allow megawatts to move out of the CAISO land and up into the Pacific Northwest ... » read more
Friday Sep 29, 2017   
I learned a lot of really useful stuff in graduate school. I really did. One of my favorite classes was Advanced Micro-Economic Theory taught by Professor Lee Friedman. We covered a lot of ground in that class. There were a lot of graphs and formulas. Some of it was pretty dry stuff. One of the most memorable things that I learned in that class was a definition of an ... » read more
Thursday Sep 28, 2017   
With September coming to an end, we thought it would be good to take a look at what is in store for October when it comes to the Algonquin pipeline maintenance schedule.  As you recall, last year saw a bit upgrade project take place over the summer months as they wanted to be ready for the Winter 2016-2017 season. The first thing ... » read more
Wednesday Sep 27, 2017   
The first day Autumn technically started on the 22nd but the optimist in me likes to believe that Summer lasts at least through the end of September.  Looking at the forecasted CDD (Cooling Degree Days) it seems my optimistic view paid off as heat remains above normal through the end of the Month.  Figure 1 |ConUS ... » read more
Tuesday Sep 26, 2017   
Post Hurricane Harvey, the South Central region surrounding the Haynesville production was a key component to the supply/demand balance being question.  As we noted in one of our natural gas market flashes sent out to clients, the production output dipped down with both Louisiana and Texas both showing a similar trend.  Once we got into the month of September, the ... » read more
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